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At Lytle-Barnett, we think the only thing better than a bottle of bubbles is...more bubbles!

Our wines are all about the bubbles! In each procured shipment, our members experience these crystalline pearls on the palate, bursting with elegant flavors that stand out against a rich, velvety background of vivacious fruit and subtle oak.

Shipments are sent quarterly, at a rate of three, six, or twelve bottles. We provide a balanced mix of our wines, to ensure you have the right bubbles for any occasion. For your commitment, we provide discounts on wines and stays at our luxury wine estate, AtTheJoy, located right in the heart of our Anahata vineyard (pending availability). 
We think cellar clubs should be fun: not an obligation, or set of bottles you have to cellar forever before you can enjoy them.
The wines we ship are meant to be enjoyed now. Not that you couldn’t cellar them, but we’d have a very difficult time keeping our hands off them for more than, you know, three months or so...

Lytle-Barnett 6 Pack


  • Tirage Tier

    For the occasional bubble connoisseur 
    3 bottles, per quarter in each shipment, 10% Discount

  • Dosage Tier

    For the regular fizz drinker
    6 bottles per quarter in each shipment, 15% Discount

  • Riddler's Circle 

    For those who enjoy a fully stocked wine cellar
    12 bottles per quarter in each shipment, 20% discount

Cancellation Policy - Membership may be cancelled any time after receiving your first shipment. We requested 30 days notice via phone, email or written notice in advance of the shipment. We cannot cancel your membership once a club shipment is in process.
Shipment Policy - We will notify you one week in advance of all upcoming shipments giving you the opportunity to update your shipping and billing information. Due to Federal law, an adult 21 or older must be available to sign for the wine.
If the payment details for your membership change, your card provider may provide us with updated card information. We may use these new details for future orders to prevent potential interruption or delay in your membership benefits. If you would prefer to opt out from this service, please contact your card provider.